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Riedell Skates - R3 - Quad Roller Skate

Riedell Skates - R3 - Quad Roller Skate

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Why Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skate is Your Best Choice

  • HIGH-QUALITY ULTRA DURABLE ROLLER SKATES - The R3 quad roller skates are man-made using a vinyl material for a breathable, durable skate boot. The skates have a high-impact PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate with strong metal trucks for optimal support.
  • EASY TO LACE & COMFORTABLE FIT - These adjustable roller skates have an easy lace system, padded tongue, and a Velcro cinch strap that allow for easy adjustments and provide a snug, comfortable fit. Check the size chart before making your purchase.
  • SMOOTH, LONG LASTING RIDE - Paired with ABEC-5 ball bearings, these skates roll very smooth for long use. These polished, chromed steel ball bearings minimize friction to give you the best ride. These roller skates are perfect for any skater.
  • DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND - The boot has a low, yet snug fit around the ankle and the Velcro cinch strap helps secure the foot while skating. The skates have a long-lasting, PowerDyne Adjustable Black toe stopper to provide easy braking control.
  • QUALITY FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE - The derby skates come with Sonar Cayman wheels that have a quality roll with the right amount of grip. This is not a children's product and is not designed or intended for use by children 12 years of age or younger.

Riedell R3 The Riedell R3 roller skate is the best skate on the market whether you are a casual skater or a competitive racer. The perfect combination of performance and value has made the R3 the most popular skate in rinks everywhere. The R3 skate features a comfortable man-made vinyl boot with a durable PowerDyne Thrust plate, adjustable toe stop, ABEC-5 bearings, and quality Sonar Cayman wheels. About Riedell Paul Riedell and his wife Sophie founded Riedell Shoes Inc. in Red Wing, Minnesota more than 70 years ago with one goal in mind – to produce and offer only the finest quality skates available in the market. Paul desired to make skating available to people of all ages and abilities by creating comfortable and affordable skates that still incorporated the same attention to detail and quality found in every Riedell product. As time has gone by, Riedell Shoes has continued to re-invent its product lines and hire only the most skilled and professional employees in the hope of achieving the very same perfection that inspired Paul. Through extensive knowledge of skate fitting and advanced comfort and performance technologies, Riedell Skates has assembled the most complete and sophisticated line of roller and figure skates in the industry. Whether you are interested in a comfortable skate that accentuates your style, or you are looking to gain a competitive edge, Riedell has the skate for you.

Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates are designed for supreme comfort and performance, whether you are gliding indoors or skating outdoors. Made from the finest quality materials, these roller skates offer an unmatched level of durability and longevity. Perfect for every level of skater, from novice to professional.

Discover the joy of skating with Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates. The robust design, combined with state-of-the-art materials, ensures that you can enjoy every skating experience to the fullest, without worrying about the durability of your roller skates. Enjoy the freedom of smooth mobility as you weave through parks, boardwalks, or indoor midways.

Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates are renowned for their comfort and performance, offering a seamless skating experience. The skate wheels provide excellent traction, allowing you to take tight turns with ease. Whether you're into freestyle skating, jam, or just recreational roller bouts, Riedell R3 will live up to your expectations.

Dive into the world of roller skating with the Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates! Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these skates combine style and performance in a way that only Riedell Skates can. Get your pair now and start the ultimate roller skate adventure!

Step up your roller skating game with the Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skates. With their sleek design and solid construction, they are perfect for anyone looking to boost their skating experience. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they are a must-have for any serious skater. Grab yours now and start experiencing the difference!

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