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Riedell Skates - Boost - Indoor Quad Roller Skate

Riedell Skates - Boost - Indoor Quad Roller Skate

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Ride Comfortably with Riedell Boost Indoor Quad Roller Skates

  • HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE ROLLER SKATES - These quad roller skates are hand-made using a vinyl material that creates a breathable, yet durable skate boot. The skates have a high-impact PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate with metal trucks for optimal support.
  • EASY TO LACE & COMFORTABLE FIT - These adjustable rhythm skates have an easy lace system that makes adjusting the skates simple. The high-quality padded tongue that provides a snug, comfortable fit. Check the size chart before making your purchase.
  • GIVES YOU OPTIMAL SUPPORT - The boot has a high, snug fit on your ankle for strong ankle support. This ensures that you will have freedom of movement while still being supported. These roller skates are perfect for men, women, boys, and girls.
  • SMOOTHEST RIDE POSSIBLE - These old-school skates come with ABEC-5 steel ball bearings that are designed to minimize friction. The quad dancing skates also have tough, Radar Riva 32mm x 57mm wheels that are designed to provide a smooth ride.
  • DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND - These roller skates are designed with only premium materials so your risk of injury is minimized. This is not a children's product and is not designed or intended for use by children 12 years of age or younger.

Riedell Boost

The Riedell Boost roller skate features the forgiving and comfortable vinyl Model 111 boot that encourages you to get out on the floor and strut your stuff. The Boost boot gives you freedom of movement to bust a move while still being supportive for your ankle. Designed for casual beginners and recreational skaters in mind, the Riedell Boost comes with the durable PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate, ABEC-5 steel ball bearings, Jam Plug toe stoppers, and stylish Radar Riva 32mm x 57mm wheels for exceptional quality from top to bottom.

About Riedell

Paul Riedell and his wife Sophie founded Riedell Shoes Inc. in Red Wing, Minnesota more than 70 years ago with one goal in mind - to produce and offer only the finest quality skates available in the market. Paul desired to make skating available to people of all ages and abilities by creating comfortable and affordable skates that still incorporated the same attention to detail and quality found in every Riedell product. As time has gone by, Riedell Shoes has continued to re-invent its product lines and hire only the most skilled and professional employees in the hope of achieving the very same perfection that inspired Paul. Through extensive knowledge of skate fitting and advanced comfort and performance technologies, Riedell Skates has assembled the most complete and sophisticated line of roller and figure skates in the industry. Whether you are interested in a comfortable skate that accentuates your style, or you are looking to gain a competitive edge, Riedell has the skate for you.

Rolling down the lane has never been this enjoyable with Riedell Boost Indoor Quad Roller Skate. These skates are specially designed to add a boost to your indoor skating sessions. Built with precision and staying true to the legacy of Riedell, they promise a smooth and speedy ride. The combination of sturdy construction and stylish design make it the ideal choice for skating enthusiasts.

The Riedell Boost is equipped with superior quality rollers, made to deliver impeccable speed and smoothness. The roller boots are well-crafted to ensure the utmost comfort and right fit. Detailed attention has been paid to the design to make it an excellent balance of aesthetics and performance. With these indoor quad roller skates, you're in for an exhilarating skating experience.

Experience the top-tier comfort and control of Riedell Boost Indoor Quad Roller Skates. Ideal for skaters of all skill levels, the skates are designed to help increase performance while minimizing fatigue. The skates feature durable construction and sleek design, making your skates not only functional but also stylish.

Embrace a unique blend of comfort, reliability, and style with Riedell's Boost Indoor Quad Roller Skates. Get ready to enhance your skating experience like never before. Your indoor skating activities are about to get a major enhancement.

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