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Riedell Model 336 Tribute (Roller Skate Boot Only)

Riedell Model 336 Tribute (Roller Skate Boot Only)

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A Deeper Look into the Riedell Model 336 Tribute Roller Skate Boot

The Riedell Model 336 Tribute high-top artistic boot is made from high-quality materials and offers a comfortable, secure fit. The boot is available in black or white and features full-grain leather uppers and soft, moisture-resistant top-grain leather lining. The dual-density ankle padding and the reinforce quarters offer great support while the cork/leather soling system helps to absorb shock for a smooth skate. The tongue features a soft genuine Shearling lining and a lace stabilizer bar to prevent slippage.

The Riedell Model 336 Tribute Boot Features:

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Moisture-resistant top-grain leather lining
  • Dual-density ankle padding
  • Reinforced quarters
  • Shock absorbing cork/leather soling system
  • Rolled collar for comfort
  • Flex notch for mobility
  • Genuine Shearling tongue lining
  • Lace bar stabilizer
  • Color: available in Black or White
  • Available sizes: 
    • White: 4–10 Full and Half sizes; Narrow, Medium, and Wide Widths
    • Black: 4–13 Full and Half sizes; Narrow, Medium, and Wide Widths

Model 336 and  

The Model 336 is available for ColorLab™ for an additional $160.00 ($199.00 CAN) to the retail price of the boot. Click the ENTER button below to start designing your ColorLab 336 then follow the directions to order: 

Click to enter Riedell's ColorLab - an online skate color customizer tool.

  1. Design your ColorLab boot and save the Design PDF
    • Be sure to have your Riedell size. If you are not sure what size Solaris you need, you should visit us to get properly sized, or you can use our Online Sizing Guide as a recommendation. 

The turnaround time for a pair of ColorLab boots is approximately 8-10 weeks.

ery own Riedell 336 Tribute today and transform the way you skate forever!

The Riedell Model 336 Tribute is more than just a roller skate boot. It's a declaration of a skater's prestige and passion. Showcasing premium leather material, reinforced counters, and moisture-wicking lining, it promises only the highest level of comfort and durability any committed skater seeks.

Perfect for both recreational and competitive skaters, this handcrafted boot is engineered with a unique insole that has been specially designed to cushion and support skaters through endless laps and high-speed spins, guaranteeing unparalleled skating performance.

So, when you think of a roller skate boot that can genuinely elevate your skating game, think of Riedell Model 336 Tribute. It's not just a boot; it's a tribute to the spirit of skating, embodied in an iconic piece of gear that stands the test of time. Start rolling with Riedell today!

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