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All American Dream Wheels White

All American Dream Wheels White

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Find Your Perfect Match with All American Dream Wheels

  • 55mm x 31mm Vanathane formulated wheels
  • Anodized aluminum core with C-clip
  • Made for indoor rink skating
  • Sold in a pack of 8 wheels
  • Made in the USA!

Original Vanathane technology. Special precision anodized aluminum insert. 55mm x 31mm in size. Available in White with blue anodized aluminum insert. Sold in packs of 8. MSRP: $125

These All American Dream Wheels are the epitome of balance and function. Designed for various surfaces, perfect for all types of skaters. The wheels come in an eye-catching yet classic white, perfect for those looking for style and substance.

Not only do they offer a smooth and controlled ride, but they also provide superior grip and roll, enhancing your performance and giving you a dream ride on any terrain.

Made with high-quality material, these roller skate wheels guarantee durability and longevity. They promise a great ride and stability, becoming a staple in your skating gear. Upgrade your skating experience with these All American Dream Wheels. Perfect for those ready to smile, skate, and dream.

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